False Negative Pregnancy Test – Are You Pregnant or Not?

A false negative pregnancy test is something most women hope they are experiencing as they see the words, “Not Pregnant,” and/or the absence of a second line on their at-home pregnancy tests. It’s not easy to hope for something so much only to see that what you’ve spent weeks hoping and praying for hasn’t happened. For this reason, women begin to hope that their pregnancy test is nothing more than just a false negative test and they will soon be overjoyed to realize they are, in fact, expecting a child. A false negative pregnancy test is a test that provides you with the result that you are not pregnant.

It’s a test that is negative because of a reason beyond your control, not because you are not expecting a baby. A pregnancy test is false when it tells you that you are not pregnant even when you are. Otherwise, it’s just a negative pregnancy test. Designed to recognize and identify the amount of the pregnancy hormone, which you know as h-CG, in your urine, home pregnancy tests are substantially accurate, but they are not perfect.

Precautions for the Pregnant Woman!

Pregnancy is one beautiful phase of a woman’s life which is full of sentiments, care, love and warmth for both the mother and the baby. Whether you are 1 week pregnant or you are in the 25th week of pregnancy, you have to take some safety measures so as to look after yourself and your baby. Other than all the amenities and luxuries of the life, being pregnant does give pain from time to time but this pain turns out to be sugary when a woman knows that her pain will not go useless. The first trimester of pregnancy is the most critical phase in your child’s development process since all organs are forming. Throughout your pregnancy, but mainly during the first three months, be very cautious about using liquor, drugs and any kind of medication.

1st week of pregnancy is an important stage of development for your child, the more alert you are, and the greater result you can get is the well-being of your baby. Unluckily, there are no guaranteed ways of having a healthy baby, but there are numerous things you can do that may increase your chances of a better result.

Things to avoid during pregnancy:

Smoking: Smoking is not only bad for your health, but for your baby’s health as well. Smoking is responsible for reducing the amount of oxygen that is received by a baby, and leads to miscarriages and bleeding when you are 1 week pregnant.

Alcohol:You should stay away completely from the alcohol and any kind of liquor intake during pregnancy. Alcohol during pregnancy is responsible for low weight at birth, medical problems and abnormalities in behavior. Stop your intake of alcohol, after you confirm your pregnancy news.Drugs and herbal medications: Always be cautious about any type of drugs or herbal medicines that are not approved by a doctor. These medicines may disturb the growth of your unborn child.

Caffeine: Lessen or completely eliminate the items that contains caffeine in any form, since caffeine is believed to be responsible for causing pre-mature babies and certain birth defects. Caffeine is also responsible for the growing of stretch marks. Quitting coffee all of a sudden can also be risky, so it is advised to minimize its intake gradually.

Workout:Regular moderate exercise is useful, as it helps the mother to stay active. Nevertheless, over-straining can be dangerous. It is suggested to reduce the force of the workout during pregnancy. Try practicing yoga, and you can also go or swimming under proper guidance.
Nourishment:Good nutrition is very important for a developing child, especially having sufficient folic acid. Deficiency of folic acid is responsible for causing birth defects. By avoiding the mentioned things on the list, you can expect a good health of your baby after the delivery. You should start taking care of yourself, right from the starting when you are 1 week pregnant till the date of your delivery. Staying fit is the only secret!

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Some Benefits of Pregnancy

Its all too easy for women to learn about the negatives that pregnancy can bring with it. No wonder many worry that their bodies will never be the same again. But pregnancy isn’t all about stretch marks, hemorrhoids, back ache and getting fat.

It can, and often does, have some great benefits!

Pregnancy hormones can actually improve a woman’s health during and after pregnancy. The majority of pregnant women report only a few niggling complaints during their pregnancy: these are mainly sickness and tiredness early on and some problems sleeping towards the due date. But many feel energised and positive as their pregnancy progresses, especially in the second trimester.

A healthier lifestyle is adopted

A self-imposed perk of pregnancy is that most women make positive changes to their lifestyle, dropping their bad habits and getting some exercise and get some fresh air. Some research has shown that women with diabetes learn how to manage their condition better during pregnancy and get into a healthier lifestyle habit.

Many women with eating disorders, like bulimia, find they start to eat a healthier diet as they concentrate on their baby’s needs. Most pregnant women also quit smoking and stop drinking alcohol. All these changes may be made with baby in mind, but they are clearly advantageous for mum too!

Hair and nails improve

Pregnancy hormones prolong hair’s growing cycle so hair loss radically reduces. Nails can also change during pregnancy with hormones making them grow faster and stronger.

Bigger boobs

A woman who has always wanted bigger breasts is in for a treat! Hormones make the breasts swollen in the first few weeks of pregnancy and sometimes breasts continue to grow throughout a pregnancy.

Reduced period pains

A woman who pre-pregnancy has had strong menstrual cramps during her period may find that when her menstrual cycle resumes after having a baby the cramps are less severe or cease altogether.

It is thought that childbirth eliminates some prostaglandin receptor sites in the uterus. Prostaglandins are hormones that make the uterus contract during labour and they play a role in monthly menstrual pain.

Reduction of cancer risks

It is thought that pregnancy may be an effective protector against breast and ovarian cancers. The more pregnancies a woman has, and the younger she starts having babies, the greater the protection. Another theory suggests that breast tissues of women who never have a pregnancy are more prone to cancer.

Heightened senses

While pregnancy hormones can make a woman repulsed by the smells and tastes of certain foods it can also enhance the enjoyment of others making craved foods so delicious!

Sex is better

For some women changes in hormone levels can make a pregnant woman feel sexier and more receptive to lovemaking. During the second trimester, increased blood flow to the pelvic area can make orgasm more likely. Also, some women have fewer body insecurities when they are pregnant which they find quite liberating.